From angry customers to big-money leads, and from sales inquiries to incident reports; a call center receives all sorts of customer inputs.

Our call center solution is feature-rich and super-efficient. It integrates with your CRM so that your agents always have updated customer information available at their disposal. It has a predictive dialer which makes it super-easy to screen for busy signals, disconnections, and no-answers etc. The strong IVR and auto-attendant features ensure that your waiting customers stay patient.

  • If no agents are available, all your dropped calls will automatically get sent to voicemail or the queue, depending on the setting.
  • Feature to display customized scripts (with customer information filled in) to agents.
  • Auto-dial a campaign and send all the live calls to free agents.
  • Dial a single campaign across multiple dialers.
  • Dial multiple campaigns on one dialer.
  • Automatically dial the customer’s alternate number in case you don’t get an answer.
  • Schedule callbacks for customers.
  • Preview leads before calling.
  • Agents can log in from anywhere and everywhere (provided they have a web browser and internet connectivity).
  • Quickly hang-up and disposition call with hotkeys.
  • Define wrap-up times for agents.
  • Customized database queries available during campaigns.
  • Ability to dial in accordance with different time-zone restrictions.
  • Automatically detect answer machines and play a pre-recorded message for such calls.
  • Set as many campaigns and lead inputs as required.
  • Assign outbound caller IDs per list or per campaign
  • Can act as an automatic call distributor for all or specific calls.
  • Agents can be assigned both outgoing and incoming calls in a single session.
  • Managers can start or stop recording a call whenever they want.
  • Automatic recording of all calls can also be started at any instant.
  • Ability to track the work time for all agents using a separate application.
  • Web-based application for administration.
  • Provision direct inward dialing, phone, and any new trunks through the simplistic web application.
  • Web interface also allows to manage inbound emails.
  • Use the web interface to chat with customers.
  • Use the web interface to chat with other members of the team (agents, managers)
  • The agent web application is available in different languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Slovak, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, and German.
  • The administrator web portal is also available in different languages: English, Greek, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • Web-based API to import all the leads.
  • Web-based interface to export data.
  • DNC lists can be activated for a specific campaign with ease.
  • Agent time breakdowns are logged.
  • All calls, along with their statuses and duration, are logged.
  • All inbound and outbound calls are load-balanced across various call servers.
  • Agent authentication managed via highly available servers with backup nodes.
  • Real-time and historical reporting possible.
  • Real-time campaign statistics.
  • Third-party blind call transfer feature.
  • Multilevel conferencing feature.
  • Ability for an agent to load client numbers from a database and call them one after the other.
  • Transfer a live call to a closer along with customer data.
  • Open a web page using data received from a user during a call.
  • Autodial campaigns that start with an IVR, and once customer response is received, are transferred to agents.
  • Broadcast to a group of customers with a pre-recorded message.
  • Set customized hold music for every campaign.
  • Park a customer to take another call.
  • Set customized hold music and ringtones for incoming calls.
  • Simple and advanced call queuing.
  • Create user groups and set permissions for any feature or campaign.
  • Managers can start listening to a live call with the push of a button.
  • Managers can enter a live call at any given time.
  • Managers can change the queues for any agent.
  • Agents can mute themselves or control the volume at any time.
  • Agents can view the status of their colleagues.
  • Agents can select the calls they want to take from the queue.
  • Agent shifts can be enforced by entering the desired day and time.

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