Dedicated servers also mean that you will never experience any downtime.

The servers will only host your business’ VoIP solution and will not be responsible to deliver any other service. Also, since the server is virtual, you don’t need to buy any hardware to get it set up! Lastly, the security benefits of virtual dedicated servers also can’t be overstated.

Get your own dedicated, virtual fax line!

A virtual fax line requires no additional hardware! It also frees up your business phone line so that you never encounter any disruptions.

  • Send or receive faxes using any email
  • Only $9.99/month.
  • Installation can be done in minutes!
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Our Services

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VOIP Office

An end-to-end VoIP office solution that adds simplicity, convenience, and efficiency to your life.

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PBX/SIP Trunking

Connect your PBX with the PSTN over the internet! Say good bye to traditional phone lines.

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Call Center

Our call center solution enhances client engagement and agent productivity.

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Dedicated Private Servers

You will have resources dedicated for your business and growth to unlimited users.

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CRM Integration

With our integration you can have access to real-time customer information during every interaction.

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Call Analytics

With Call Detail Records CDR, track your calls, and generate reports using our call analytics feature.

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Now you can get your faxes in your email and convert your emails to a fax machine!

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International DID

Get virtual phone numbers from around the world and stay connected wherever you have operations!

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